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M*A*S*H fanwork community
What is the MASH-meme?:
It's a community where you can make fanfiction or fanart requests and/or fill existing ones.

Everything around here's still under construction - a good profile, banners and such will follow!

Though, first and most important:


I. The Subjectline:

All subjectlines should adhere to the following format:

REQUEST: ART resp. FIC, Characters resp. Pairing, requested Tags/Kinks

FILL: Characters resp. Pairing, requested Tags/Kinks applying to your fill, Title

(For example:

REQUEST: FIC, BJ & Klinger, camaraderie drinking
-> FILL: BJ & Klinger & Radar, camaraderie drinking hurt, 'My super-duper awesome fill'


REQUEST: ART, Margaret/Frank, cuddling sex
-> FILL: Margaret/Frank, cuddling kissing, 'Ferret-face and Hotlips in love')

The format for pairings: Top/Bottom (when applicable).
Gen characters should be separated with an "&"

II. Requesting:
- Be specific about what you want
- Be clear in your prompts if you have squicks.
- If you repost prompts or post promts from other memes you must include the link to the original prompt
- You can repost a prompt after 3 Months (please include the link to the original prompt)

III. Filling:
- If a fill is not completed in one go (WIPs), each new update title must include any new tags/kinks.
- If you fill a prompt on another platform (AO3 or the like) you can just post the link into your fill post. Please stick to the subject-line formats!
- An unfilled prompt can be filled anytime, even though the prompt post is already closed for new prompts

IV. Posting in general:
- When seconding, please don't fill the Subject line
- Do not comment with your preferred changes to a prompt or saying it would have been better a different way and please do not police grammar or content of a fill
- No wank, shaming, hating and bitching around
- Be respectful to the fillers and each other in general!

If you want to affiliate with us, please contact us


The Community is not to be made responsible for the community's content.
Please note that the posting is unmoderated and we can't guarantee for trigger warnings of any kind.
View and participate at your own risk.