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nirame wrote in mash_meme
The RULES (please read before posting):

I. The Subjectline:

All subjectlines should adhere to the following format:

REQUEST: ART resp. FIC, Characters resp. Pairing, requested Tags/Kinks

FILL: Characters resp. Pairing, requested Tags/Kinks applying to your fill, Title

unprompted fictions:
UNPROMPTED: Characters resp. Pairing, requested Tags/Kinks applying to your fill, Title

(For example:

REQUEST: FIC, BJ & Klinger, camaraderie drinking
-> FILL: BJ & Klinger & Radar, camaraderie drinking hurt, 'My super-duper awesome fill'


REQUEST: ART, Margaret/Frank, cuddling sex
-> FILL: Margaret/Frank, cuddling kissing, 'Ferret-face and Hotlips in love'

and the same for unprompted fictions, of course, just with UNPROMPTED in front)

The format for pairings: Top/Bottom (when applicable).
Gen characters should be separated with an "&"

II. Requesting:
- Be specific about what you want
- Be clear in your prompts if you have squicks.
- If you repost prompts or post promts from other memes you must include the link to the original prompt
- You can repost a prompt after 3 Months (please include the link to the original prompt)

III. Filling:
- If a fill is not completed in one go (WIPs), each new update title must include any new tags/kinks.
- If you fill a prompt on another platform (AO3 or the like) you can just post the link into your fill post. Please stick to the subject-line formats!
- An unfilled prompt can be filled anytime, even though the prompt post is already closed for new prompts

IV. Unprompted fictions:
- Your original fictions will also be linked in the 'list of filled prompts'

V. Posting in general:
- When seconding, please don't fill the Subject line
- Do not comment with your preferred changes to a prompt or saying it would have been better a different way and please do not police grammar or content of a fill
- No wank, shaming, hating and bitching around
- Be respectful to the fillers and each other in general!


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