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List of unfilled prompts
4077, best care anywhere, M*A*S*H, MASH
nirame wrote in mash_meme
Here's the complete list of all the yet unfilled prompts.
Maybe there's something you'd like to fill?


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BJ/ Peg req fic

BJ's first night back in the states with pegg. Fluffy/smutty

Trapper/Hawkeye friendship with added BJ

MASH reunion general catching up with the gang, Trapper and BJ meet and hate each other.

Re: Trapper/Hawkeye friendship with added BJ

you know, this is the 'List of unfilled prompts' List..... If you want to make a request, it goes into one of the Recent Prompt-posts. Either Gen and T Rated, M Rated or E Rated

Re: Trapper/Hawkeye friendship with added BJ

You know - this is why this is so unpopular. No one understands it! What is this if not an "unfilled prompt"?

Re: Trapper/Hawkeye friendship with added BJ

You're right! I'm sorry if it's too complicated. For me it's just a usual prompt board like all the others, they all work the same way.
Imagine you do your prompt in the 'list of unfilled prompts' and then it gets filled.... your post can't be removed to another section.
So it always works that way, that people who make a prompt make it in one of the rated sections. That's why it's called 'recent Prompt-posts', so that everybody can just post their requests in there. The mod adds it to the lists (either filled or unfilled).
But yes, you're right - I just don't get why and how to change it........

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