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Fanwork Recommendations
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nirame wrote in mash_meme
You know a story or another fanwork that is too awesome to not share it?

Please recommend only finished works

In the Subjectline:

ART/FICTION: Title, Rating

In the Post:

Word count (for fictions):
Characters and/or Pairing/s:
Full List of Tags:
Rating (G, T, M or E):
(For Art Fills) Technique: [traditional, paintover, manip, etc.]


Own opinion (optional):


List Characters separated with commas and Pairings with a slash (obviously....)

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FICTION: Strings, G

Title: Strings
Author/Artist: Therm
Word count: 1.085
Characters: Charles Emerson Winchester III, Hawkeye Pierce
Full List of Tags: classical music, camaraderie
Rating: G

Summary: Hawkeye and Charles have a moment (not slash)

Own opinion:
This really is a fine piece of short story! Well written and emotional, go and read =)
(if you read veeery slowly you can time it up with the music and it’s wonderful)

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